Shopping Online

Tips to Stay Secure When Shopping Online

Shopping online is popular, very, very popular indeed. Increasing year upon year, the market for online shopping is now reckoned to be in excess of £100billion per year and still growing.

The bigger the business, the more scammers and opportunists try to be part of it, and their sophistication grows in relation to the complexities of ever increasing IT security.

There are always some new approaches from Continue reading “Shopping Online”

Getting Kids to Swim

Getting Kids to Swim

Swimming, on the face of it, is a fun sport and pastime which kids get involved in during the holidays, or when the weather turns nicely warm. It is odd to pick this sport out of so many others and call it a life saver, but that is what learning to swim can be.

Football, skate boarding, cycling and more, are great ways to exercise, but a sad statistic is that drowning is one of the most common causes of accidental deaths among children, and being a goal-scoring striker, or being able to grind or front-side on a skate board are great, but they wouldn’t save a person in trouble in the water.

It is a recognised legal fact that water attracts, particularly children, and you won’t always be watching them. Swimming pools, water parks, and the sea can give children hours of Continue reading “Getting Kids to Swim”

Roads and Road Construction

Building Roads in Britain

The first real roads in Britain were built by the army of the Imperial Roman Empire. The tracks and paths of the ancient Britons would certainly never do for the legions of Rome, and build extensively they did.

In fact, not just in Britain, but across all of the lands that the romans conquered and occupied, their armies and engineers built thousands of miles of roads of such quality and durability, that stretches of them can still be seen in places, some two thousand years later.

Their engineers and planners were not phased by much, and their roads were preferred to be in straight lines and very few natural obstacles proved insurmountable, as a surviving number of bridges, viaducts, and aqueducts still stand witness.

After the romans left Britain, the Continue reading “Roads and Road Construction”

Why Are Backlinks Important

The Importance of Backlinks

Since it inception of search, backlinks have been an important contributor to rankings. Each backlink pointing to your website counts as a ‘vote’ for or in some cases against your site.

Backlinks pass authority, relevance and trust metrics from their donor site to yours. This means that a link from a high quality, highly regarded industry leader will help your rankings a great deal. By contrast, a link from a low quality site can have the opposite effect.

Google only count links from sites that are included in their own index. If Google don’t value the website enough for it to be included, then the link it offers you is going to at best be valueless, and at worst Continue reading “Why Are Backlinks Important”

UK Driving & Speed Camera Use

Driving and the Speed Camera

Those drivers of an age before the advent of the speed camera may sometimes look back and think, “did we drive like unfettered lunatics everywhere we went?” imitating Stirling Moss, Ayrton Senna, or whoever was the racing driver hero of the time?

Of course not, the police had the occasional sortie with hand-held radar guns at perceived traffic “black spots” but increasing traffic densities, increasing HGV tonnages, many town Continue reading “UK Driving & Speed Camera Use”